There are so many different ways to decorate a bedroom with furniture rental, and whether you want to blend motifs or stick to one style, the first step is to look at a variety of different bedroom styles. Looking at bedroom styles will help you grasp your possibilities if your goal is to select elements from many design movements and seamlessly merge them together. And if you want to go all-in on a single look, you’ll find a blueprint for doing so that can be easily implemented with furniture rental services.

Of all the bedroom styles, learning about them is one thing, but seeing them in action is quite another. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most striking monochromatic bedrooms we could achieve with the rental furniture in Arlington, VA.

Each of these bedrooms pays homage to a specific era, design movement, or visual motif, and shows you how to recreate that look in your own home in 2022.

12 Bedroom Furniture Rental Styles:


Scandinavian design is noted for its clean lines, comfortable atmosphere, and minimalist approach to décor—all of which combine to create a wonderfully gorgeous bedroom. It’s simple to pull off because the style is so simple.

Begin by gathering warm bedding and fluffy throw cushions. Then add a few streamlined elements, such as little ceramics and eye-catching lighting.



Coastal décor is bright and airy, making you feel as if you’re at the beach even if there’s no water in sight. Natural light, tactile materials, and beachy colors are all hallmarks of the laidback approach.

Combine pale hardwood floors with crisp white walls in your bedroom to obtain this appearance. Classic coastal accessories, such as sky blue throw pillows and rattan shades, will tie your home together.



The farmhouse style is everyone’s favorite method of making a space feel warm and inviting, and it’ll guarantee you a comfortable bedroom. Colors should be soothing, prints should be basic, and materials should be natural.

Remember that farmhouse style can be as contemporary or as shabby-chic as you like. Keep your walls white and your furnishings modern, or go for the most rustic antiques you can locate.


Can’t decide on a single style, color scheme, or print? Eclectic interior design can be right up your alley. Combining clashing hues, stocking up on patterns, and pulling pieces from different eras are all encouraged in this design style. The method is certain to result in a dynamic, textured, and pleasantly engaging bedroom.

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You’re well on your way to an industrial environment if your bedroom has cement ceilings, wall-to-wall windows, and exposed pipes. The industrial look is sleek and robust, drawing inspiration from warehouses, factories, and other industrial structures.

Keep your furniture and décor simple, and search for opportunities to include traditional industrial elements like concrete and metal.


It’s not a bad idea to keep things simple. And, because the minimalist design style emphasizes intentionality, your environment should feel as nice as it looks.

Concentrate on obtaining the items you require, such as a strong bed, soft bedding, a nightstand, and a bedside lamp. Wherever possible, embrace streamlined lines and neutral hues to keep your design uncluttered.


The traditional style is exactly what it sounds like: it’s straightforward, traditional, and likely something you’ve seen a lot of as a kid. Investing in genuine historic pieces is the key to pulling off the look. Combine a strong wooden bed with a plain white quilt, and add some antique furniture to your bedroom if you have the space.


The Moroccan style has inspired many interior designers, who have combined traditional features with motifs seen in contemporary Western designs. Moroccan design elements such as beautiful tile mosaics and colorful bone inlay furnishings may be eye-catching additions to any home. However, we recommend doing some research so you can respect and comprehend the style.


The term “monochromatic” refers to a color scheme rather than a style. Monochromatic bedrooms, on the other hand, are worth consideration as you decorate your space because they are so striking. Simply choose a color and stay with it to achieve the appearance. Also, keep in mind that you can enhance contrast by experimenting with different tones of the same hue.


The contemporary design is sleek and streamlined, giving the impression that the present and the future have collided. While “modern style” refers to a design movement that began in the mid-nineteenth century, “current style” refers to the leading edge of design today. So go for cool neutrals, try out some new furniture with Rental Furniture, and add a few abstract paintings to the mix.

Desert Modern

The clean lines of modern design are combined with the comforting warmth of Southwestern décor in the desert-modern style. As a result, the style is both streamlined and inviting.

Warm hardwood floors will set the tone, and sleek modern furniture will complete the look. Finish with traditional Southwestern touches like patterned throw pillows, textured rugs, and a handful of potted cactus.


It’s all about keeping the game traditional in the country’s manner. Sturdy antique items coexist with traditionally homey details like frills, pastels, and beautiful flower designs in this style. So drape a few homespun sheets over an iron bed frame, keep your color palette light and muted, and combine your favorite distressed furniture with some charming flower decorations.


Boho decor is textured, earthy, and breezy, making you feel as if you’ve strolled into paradise. It’s all about layering different colors, prints, and textures with this look. It also incorporates natural elements such as plants, woven rugs, and rattan furniture. Because Boho decor is so fashionable, there is a plethora of ways to achieve it. Concentrate on using a color palette that you enjoy to ground your environment. Then add textured elements, natural accents, and other warm details.


Go all out with a maximalist bedroom if you believe that more is more. That doesn’t imply you have to match every print you come across. A maximalist is about blending colors, patterns, and textures in surprising ways rather than cramming everything into one room. So start with a few favorites and then add some unexpected compliments.

I hope these unique bedroom ideas will allow you to create your perfect bedroom space in 2022. You can take advantage of Corporate Rental’s furniture rental services to try out different bedroom designs and create your own unique ideas that will provide just the right look you desire.