Rental Furniture Services in Arlington, VA

Rental Furniture Services To Preserve The Earth And Its Environment:

Why buy furniture when you can rent furniture? Why contribute to chopping down trees and deforestation when you can preserve the earth and its environment with our rental furniture Arlington, VA services for the next generation?

The team at Corporate Rentals (CR) is giving you a great chance. We invite you to be a part of our initiative. Rent individual furniture items or collections of furniture rentals instead of purchasing new furniture items. 

Stop purchasing furniture to decorate your home and office. Instead, rent furniture. It will help save the environment for future generations. Moreover, you will save money that goes into buying new furniture. 

Renting furniture will help reduce the chopping of trees and deforestation. But purchasing furniture for office setup and home decor will not. Furniture rentals in Arlington, VA, are one of the best possible ways to help preserve the earth and its environment.

We have the means you need for it. But How? Take a look below to understand it.

Pay A Visit To Corporate Rentals furniture rental Arlington VA Outlet

Corporate Rentals has been in this industry for over 25 years. We have been exceeding the furniture needs and expectations of people throughout the United States during this period.  

Everyone is feeling the need to do something to save the environment for posterity. Renting furniture could be one of the best ways for it. It will help reduce the chopping of trees and deforestation. Moreover, you will save time for your family and business.  We can give you many more reasons to visit our outlet or website. For example:

The Best Corporate Housing Furniture Rentals In Arlington, VA, Within Your Budge

Are you relocating to your next duty destination? Are you searching for rental furniture to make life for yourself and your family comfortable at your next duty destination?

You are then knocking on the right door at the right time. We have the best corporate housing furniture rentals in Arlington, VA, for you.  Students, stagers, actors, and professionals choose corporate housing furniture rentals in Arlington, VA, to make their stay comfortable. 

You and your family will experience comfort. What is more important is you will save money also.

Several Apartment Furniture Rentals In Our Arlington, VA, Outlet’s Inventory

Have you purchased an apartment? It must be your dream house. Isn’t it? 

Don’t you want to decorate it? Don’t you want to make it a comfortable place of living for everyone in your family? We have high-quality apartment furniture rentals in the inventory of our Arlington, VA, outlet for you. The rent is also affordable. 

It is a collection you can rent for home decor. Don’t you want to rent the entire collection? No problem! We allow you to rent any individual furniture from this collection

The Availability Of Affordable Rental Furniture Collections In Arlington, VA, Outlet

Our team is committed to dedicating our resources to offering positive experiences to all our customers. Our team is always ready to do everything for it. 

Corporate Rentals (CR) has multiple apartment furniture rental collections in Arlington, VA, in its inventory for you. Our inventory specifically features the Arlington furniture rental collection, Manager’s Special furniture rental collection, Montgomery furniture rental collection, and Potomac furniture rental collection. 

You can choose any of these rental furniture collections available in our Arlington, VA, outlet’s inventory for office and home decoration. All furniture rentals in these rental furniture collections elevate the personality, aura, feel, and ambiance of your home and office by manifolds within your budget.

Easy Access To Best Local Furniture Rental Services In Arlington, VA, For Everyone

The mindset of customers has changed these days. They know they are the king. We have also realized it. They want the value of their time, money, and faith in your business, products, services, practices, mission, and vision.

We value all our customers more than anything. This is the reason we are striving to make the best local furniture rental services in Arlington, VA, available for you. 

You can visit our Arlington, VA, outlet any time to seek answers to any query or solution to your rental furniture-related issues. Do you want to rent furniture in Arlington, VA, from the comfort of your home and office? Alright! Come to our website and place your order anytime. It can be possible through a phone call also. 

Do you have a question in your mind? Do you want to return, replace, update, or upgrade rental furniture available in your office and home? We are only a phone call away! Our team will notice your furniture rental needs, queries, and expectations instantly. They will answer your queries instantly or at the earliest. As far as the delivery, transportation, return, replacement, update, or upgrade of furniture rentals is concerned, our team of specialists will take care of everything. 

Do you want the best furniture rentals in Arlington, VA, within your budget? Do you want the best rental furniture services at your fingertips? Corporate Rentals are always there for you. Remember our name. 

Visit our outlet or website or call us anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Minimum Rental Duration For Furniture In Arlington, VA ?

Yes! Corporate Rentals, Arlington, VA, outlet allows you to rent furniture for a minimum period of three months. This is a short- term contract for every customer. Anything beyond this duration falls in the category of a long-term rental furniture contract

Are There Any Additional Fees For Delivery Or Pickup In Arlington,VA?

Yes! We charge delivery and full & partial pickup fees separately to all customers in Arlington, VA. This delivery fee and pickup fee (full and partial pickup) are for one time only. Do you still have doubts about it? Refer to our Terms & Conditions page or call our customer support anytime!

What Is The Rental Cost For Furniture, And Is It Charged Monthly?

The rental cost for furniture depends on several factors. For example, the number of furniture items in collections you rent, the type of contract you enter into with us (Short-term contract or long-term contract), the number of spaces you rent furniture for, the distance of your college/university or home/apartment from our local rental store. The complexity of loading, transportation/relocation, packaging, number of stairs and floors, furniture assembly, and setup are also valued in this entire process. Please refer to our T&Cs or call our customer support for more information about it.

Do You Provide Furniture For Temporary Housing Or Corporate Apartments In Arlington,VA?

Yes! Corporate Rentals (CR), Arlington, VA, furniture rental outlet provides furniture for all types of temporary housing or corporate apartments. Just visit our local outlet or come to our website to place your order. Our custom support team will take care of the rest of the things for you.

What Happens If There Is Damage To The Rented Furniture During The Rental Period?

The customer (You) will be considered responsible for the damage. The amount of money to be paid for the damage by you depends on the percentage, level, and nature of the damage to the furniture rented. Corporate Rentals (CR) will recover the full cost of the furniture item from you if it can’t be repaired. We reserve all rights for it.

How Do I Order Furniture Rentals In Arlington,VA?

Corporate Rentals (CR) allows you to order rental furniture in Arlington, VA, in three ways. First, you can visit our Arlington, VA,
furniture rental outlet for it. Second, you can come to our website, choose your furniture item, and place your order. Third, dial our customer support number between Monday to Friday (9:00 am to 5:00 pm), and our team will help in this process.

Can I Extend The Rental Period If Needed In Arlington,VA?

Yes! We allow customers to extend their rental agreement. You should refer to our T&C’s page to seek complete information
about it. Dial our customer care number if you still have any questions left in your mind. Corporate Rentals (CR) staff will always put their best foot forward to answer all of your questions instantly.

What Brands Or Types Of Furniture Do You Carry In Your Rental Inventory?

Corporate Rentals (CR) has rental furniture from almost every brand in its inventory. What is more important is that we rent
corporate housing furniture, student furniture, military furniture, and home decor (rental apartment furniture). We have Arlington,
Montgomery, Potomac, and Manager’s Special furniture rental collections in our inventory. Dining room furniture, living room
furniture, master bedroom furniture, study/dorm room/hostel room furniture, kitchenware, and appliances are essential parts of every rental furniture collection in our inventory for this.

Can I Cancel My Furniture Rental Order, And What Is The Cancellation Policy?

Yes! We allow our customers to cancel their furniture rental order anytime. The customer (You) canceling the order has to pay $150 (USD) or the rent for the first full month if you cancel or abort the order after noon on the day before the order delivery is scheduled. The customer (You) must contact us by Friday noon if the order is scheduled to be delivered on Monday to avoid the fee.

Is There An Option To Purchase Furniture After The Rental Period In Arlington,VA?

Yes! Corporate Rentals allows customers to purchase furniture after the rental period in Arlington, VA. You must comply with the
T&Cs of the furniture rental contract for it. You will have the option to buy the rented property for its fair market value. The
fair market value of the property rented will be determined by the Corporate Rentals (CR) team. Applicable sales tax will be charged
separately from you. You must contact Corporate Rentals (CR) before the pickup to inform us about your intention to purchase furniture rental items. The purchase is not considered completed and is valid until full payment is received.