When you move into a new apartment, especially a rented one, you are already done spending loads of bucks on it. Even though that is the case, nothing should restrict you from making your new apartment look cozy. Furniture Rental can help you have the cozy and homely feel with your new apartment that you always wish to have in your residence.

Decorating a new place can come with many challenges at hand. The lack of budget, personal preferences, and your willingness to spruce up a rented space are a few aspects that can stop you at first. You can come up questioning yourself what’s even the point of furnishing this apartment when you don’t even own the place.

However, you need to consider the point that although you don’t own the place; you will still be living there, so you might as well make it cozy for you to have a more homely feeling.

Luckily, you can use several budget-friendly Furniture Rental approaches that can allow you to have a cozy feel even with a tight budget.

Start with painting your walls

Living in a rental property means- consulting with the real owner before you can make any changes. Even though painting walls is a considerable change in a rental apartment, the landlord will probably agree to this change as you will be doing a favor to them. The owner will get their walls painted for free, and you will also get walls painted in your favorite colors.

Get a carpet for the floor

While living in a rental apartment, you can be sure of one thing the rug has not been changed for years and is now worn out. In most cases, you won’t even find a rug there, to begin with. If you don’t want to see the ugly flooring every morning as you wake up, getting a carpet can be a great idea. Vintage rugs never go out of style and what you consider to be the best thing to do is find a good carpet with an online rental furniture serviceand you can quickly get rid of yourself when you leave your rented apartment after some time.

Get some furniture 

When you want to furnish your new apartment quickly to get a cozy look as soon as possible, you can simply fulfill this requirement with a furniture rental service like Corporate Rentals.

You can choose different rental plans as per your varying requirements. With Corporate Rental’s budget-friendly rental plans, you can go as wild as you want and buy anything from furniture to home décor items.

If you find yourself skillful with home décor ideas, you can save a lot of money by furnishing your home on your own.

Keep soft furnishings in mind

Don’t think about avoiding finishing touches, such as cushions and bed linens. When you add some pillows to your rental furniture plan, they will allow you to add some color to your apartment and make it feel more homely. If your apartment comes with outdoor space, choose patterned linens that work great with both inside and outside areas. Changing your bed sheets can do wonders for upgrading your bedroom. Layer up some subtle neutrals in linen, or if you are more into bolder colors, choose cotton sheets with striking patterns and bright color choices.

Bring some difference with home accessories

Home accessories also play a considerable part in changing the looks of your rented apartment besides other furnishings. Try to fill each suitable empty space in your apartment with home accessories such as vases, decorative items, candleholders, etc. You can add everything you wish to your accessories list. Use them to create a story in your apartment. However, make sure not to go overboard with them. Showcase a few items and keep them tidy.

Pictures and art will make an excellent choice

Like decorative home accessories, the artwork makes a great choice for drawing attention away from ugly furnishings or walls. When your apartment owner does not allow you to hang artwork on the walls, you can simply lean it against them. It will provide your rooms with a more relaxed feeling. This idea works more efficiently, especially with larger art pieces. It is also practical to use tape instead of nails to put your artwork on easels.

Bring nature inside 

Draw in some life and additional oxygen with plants if the inside of your rented apartment is looking drab. Plants are a simple and inexpensive way to customize any space and add a splash of color. Furthermore, they aid in purifying the air, which is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Put them on the windows to draw attention away from the unsightly window sills. Also, make sure you pick plants that are easy to maintain. In case anything goes wrong.

Table and Chairs - Corporate Rentals

Make up for lack of storage space

In case your new apartment has limited space, shelves are an easy way to handle the problem of storage space. You may buy inexpensive shelves or create your own with plywood and wall brackets from your local home improvement store. Then comes the fun part: dressing and personalizing your shelves. Most landlords don’t mind if you put shelves up as long as you agree to fill in the holes before departing.

Window dressings

Changing the window dressings is the quickest fix. Remove the dingy old drapes and replace them with your choice of color shades, curtains, or drapes. Remember that you’ll be able to take this with you when you leave; thus, it’s well worth the money. Bamboo blinds are particularly useful because they are inexpensive and simple to hang, and they instantly bring texture and warmth to any room.


Lighting often overlooked in rented apartments, is critical to making the place feel more welcoming and cozy. To add personality to your rental flat, remove the monotonous center pendants and replace them with a little yet attractive lamp. You may also add a quick atmosphere to the room by using an overhead light. Consider the bulbs you’re using; if your flat lacks dimmer control; choose bulbs with lower wattages or filaments for a lovely evening glow.

These are a few ideas that can help you have a cozy feeling in your new rental apartment. When it comes to meeting your new apartment furnishing needs, no other approach can meet the effectiveness that you can receive with the best rental furniture services provided by Corporate Rentals.