Before you plan to spend your summer vacation in an unfurnished penthouse, you must first consider how you can have the most fun experience by furnishing that area with rental furniture. You might be unsure how to pick the best furniture rental for your property. This situation is one significant hurdle in furnishing your penthouse for summer vacation. While some of you might dream about moving to an empty apartment this summer season; however, searching for even the minimal furniture requirement can prove to be a mammoth task for you.

Make sure you don’t miss out on any amenities after moving to your vacation property. If you are confused and have no vision of where you can start, there is no need to worry- we have created this guide to teach you how to furnish your penthouse this summer with rental furniture in Philadelphia.

How can you pick your short-term rental furniture?

Even though it might not be as daunting as choosing your actual vacation home, the process of furnishing your penthouse can still be frightening to start. Thankfully, having a plan ready of where to start, go, and finish will help you organize and simplify the entire procedure.

It is crucial choosing the right furniture, but it’s not permanent. You have to be wise while selecting the furnishings for your penthouse. However, you can also keep this aspect in mind that if there are any terrible arrangements or choices, you will be able to easily change them as you will choose rental furniture services for your furnishings.

1. Create your checklist for rental furnishings

As the first step, you are supposed to note down all the furnishings you already own – unless you are about to start entirely from scratch! However, most people already own some bits and pieces most of the time. As soon as you have this outline, you will be able to create an essential checklist for furnishing your property. First, mark down the vacation home furniture you need to acquire to meet your accommodation for future guests adequately.

After that, you will move to the second part of the checklist. Here you note down all the vacation home furniture or decorative pieces that you will need to rent as a bonus as soon as be done, covering all of the basics. You can treat it as your continuing wishlist for the furnishing that you can consider in the long run and use to pick your additional furnishings bit by bit.

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2. Learn about your target guests

Understanding who your target guests will be this summer vacation will help you make your furnishing decisions much more straightforward. Established on the size and layout of your property, if your penthouse is a destination for families with young kids, in that case, it would be best to go with short-term rental furniture that is also kid-friendly.

If your property is a smaller, cozier abode, you will find it more suitable as a romantic retreat for honeymooners and other couples.

Regardless of whom you might consider as your ideal group of guests, you’ll have to consider them throughout the furnishing of your property. It will help you finalize your choices for your summer furniture from multiple options.

3. Check for inspiration online

Following your budget, you can create your furnishing ideas for the overall look and style that you aim to achieve at your penthouse.

The realm of the internet is filled with countless interior design ideas to make you feel overwhelmed – especially on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Check out all the home stores, interior design magazines, and design studios you know about on social media. Then start saving, pinning, or creating a list of all the images that can serve as inspiration for your vacation home furnishing ideas.

You can even find out what other relevant properties look like on these channels and make it your goal to ensure your furnishing turns out to be even better!

Why Should I Rent Furniture As A Student?

4. Define your sense of style

The styling of your penthouse goes hand in hand with your taste. The property site and the funding you have available to assign will most likely define the style of your summer vacation property. However, deciding on a different theme can be a great idea. Remember you want your property to look more appealing to a wide range of guests.

Consider neutral color schemes over brighter ones and keep decors and ornaments to a minimum. Many penthouse owners tend to reflect some features of their locale in their property’s furnishings. For example, blue hues and seaside-inspired décor for beachfront properties. Some try to define rustic, wooden touches, complete with thick, knitted blankets for a mountain lodge or cabin.

Just look around your surroundings to find inspiration for the theme of your vacation home furnishings. It will help you think of creative ideas on how to decorate the interior of your penthouse.

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5. Rent some of the excellent quality, durable furniture

Generally, the furnishings in your vocational place will wear more quickly than in a typical home due to the number of incoming visitors. Most furnishings, such as mattresses, are easier and cheaper to protect than others.

But for the large pieces of your furnishings which are more prone to the risk of accidental damage, such as dining tables, sofas and so on, you should consider renting only practical, durable furniture. It is a clever move that will save you money in the long run.

6. Don’t exaggerate it

While filling every surface with different objects and souvenirs might be how you love to furnish your own house, it can turn out to be an overwhelming and messy idea for a guest on vacation. Recent ideations of minimalism are there for a reason. These minimalistic ideas make a space feel clean and can even have a calming effect on people.

You can allow your guests to truly enjoy their vacation at your penthouse by keeping your property as clean as possible and spacing out decorations such as mirrors, paintings, and plants.

By going through this guide, you will be able to develop your furniture game plan to implement in place, but the journey isn’t finished just yet. Choosing the best furniture rental for your vacation penthouse will ensure a high-quality summer vacation.

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