The big, bulky furniture they are mainly unsuitable for everyone, especially those who can’t afford a place to stay or who have temporary living situations. Renting the furniture is a better approach compared to buying. People can no longer be connected to the one house they grew up in. More and more people are moving abroad for reasons related to their professional and private lives.

If you’re moving abroad, you will soon see that there is more to it than just moving stuff and getting on a plane. An important decision is required to stage an international move. Your interior is a big decision, because are you going to rent it or ship it? Corporate Furniture Rental has all solutions for your furniture solutions as they have great designs and a collection of furniture to choose from.

We have detailed information about the pros and cons of each option.

Solution -1 

Furniture is shipped.

You can ship your furniture abroad. This option is best for people who don’t want to give up their furniture. This is a good option for people moving abroad for a long time. Renting a temporary furniture package pending the arrival of your furniture is a possibility.

There are advantages to shipping your furniture. 

Moving abroad can be a big step if you rely on your furniture. It may take a while to get used to your new environment. Having your furniture can make you feel more at home.

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Disadvantages of shipping the furniture 

Delays –

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t ship your furniture. They had delays. Because of Covid-19, online shopping became more and more prevalent in our society, which resulted in a massive increase in demand for transport which led to severe delays. It can take a long time for your furniture to arrive, because of the shortage of sea containers.

The damage to the furniture –

During the entire movie, your own furniture can be damaged. The chances of damage to your house go up if you repeatedly move to a different location throughout your life. An extra cost is always incurred when you have the option to be highly insured for this.

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It is possible that your furniture doesn’t fit in your new home

Storage costs can be added for furniture that’s not compatible with the new home.

Shipping household effects involves a lot of work-

To minimize the risk of damage; everything has to be packed thoroughly. There is a certain amount of administration you must take care of. These are things not to do with furniture rental.

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Solution 2:

Renting furniture

The other way around is the second solution. Furniture is being rented. Renting your furniture abroad is the second option.

Perhaps, because the benefits are there, this option for expatriates, diplomats, and military people is exciting and valuable because of their frequent moves abroad. Let’s investigate this option more closely.

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The Advantages of renting your furniture


Everything can be rented for every type of budget. The formula we use gives us solutions for every target group. A standard package is what you can get, or you may prefer to build your piece by piece. If you desire to save money, you can move your furniture abroad or find someone to buy it.

Worry a little less- 

If you worry less, you will become fearless. Having fewer worries is an advantage of renting furniture.

Sustainable –

Renting furniture is a sustainable solution. The impact on the environment is lessened by not having to ship heavy pieces across the ocean. You don’t have to sell furniture after the move. They are either rented out or re-sold. Your ecological footprint is limited in this way.

There are some of the other pros of renting furniture. 

Renting furniture can be an affordable option for people who need furniture for a short time. There are several advantages that furniture renters take advantage of and some drawbacks to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to use a furniture rental provider.

There are no long-term commitments.

Furniture shoppers will enjoy a degree of freedom that is difficult to find with other furniture choices when renting to rent. Rent-to-rent furnishings are yours for as long as you want, but you can get rid of them. Rent-to-rent furnishings are a great option if you want a variety of furniture choices or if your furniture needs are temporary.

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Rental providers do all of the heavier weight liftings.

Most rental furniture companies offer a delivery service to get your furniture from the store to your home. Depending on your provider, you can expect different services included in your delivery fee. The delivery of your furniture will always be included in these services, and the installation and the pickup.

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Delivery available in a day

When moving furniture and setting up delivery, you can ask the rental furniture vendor when it will be available to deliver. Depending on their location and the company you use, Rental Company can give you a next day or an exact time as soon as the day before.

You are curious about different styles.

The furniture styles and tastes can change with the trends. If the same happens, buying the furniture would be a bad idea. Even though you’ll be able to spend less, you will still enjoy the different styles this offers. If you become interested in buying furniture that is a new style, then you won’t have to worry about trying to sell it.

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The wrapping up

The option of furniture rent is an option for those who can’t afford it. You don’t need to stress finding the company to deliver your goods. Delivery companies are usually willing to perform the service for you. This is an alternative if you don’t have time or money to do it yourself. You can still enjoy renting furniture and not have to pay for shipping.

Renting furniture is an alternative if you can’t afford furniture on your own. There are benefits to renting furniture. You have a choice of paying upfront for your furniture or not. You can rent the items you need longer if you do not have the money to buy them.

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