Shopping for furniture to furnish your place can be a tricky decision. Especially when you wish to buy furniture for your tiny apartment, it can be more challenging for you. The luxurious section of plushy furniture can look attractive to your eyes online. You might want to go on buying most of those items to decorate your apartment. Rather than buying all those pieces, it would probably be a better idea to go for renting your furniture with Corporate Rentals.

Is it right to rent your furniture?

We have various excellent reasons to make it the right decision for you to rent your furniture to furnish your place rather than buy it. Suppose you work for an organization and your employer sends you to a new location. You will have to live there for quite a period. In that case, you would not like to spend a considerable toll on buying furniture for your new place. Rather than buying it, you can just rent your desired furniture and furnish your apartment the way you want to. That way you can set up your new place quickly. Also, when it’s time to leave that place and move on, you will never have to worry about bearing any cost for moving your furniture across places.

How to rent your furnishing furniture?

If you have already decided that you will go with rental furniture to furnish your place and want to find out how you can possibly do it? Here we have enlisted a few steps just for you.

Choose your required furniture 

With Corporate Rentals, choosing and renting your desired furniture has become easier than ever. First of all, you need to go online and pick whatever you want. You can also choose to visit a retail furniture rental centre, or, maybe both. Make sure to do a primary search on the online store, and then check out the pieces at the physical furniture store.

You can choose desired rental furniture for your place using the following ways:

  • Choose each piece: With Your unique sense of styling, you would definitely like to choose and pick each piece of furniture by yourself. It might sound like an overwhelming task for some of you, but a furniture rental company can make this task way easier for you. They will sort items for you by colors, styles, patterns, and much more. You will be allowed to pick everything that you will require to furnish your place, from huge items like sofas and dining tables to pillows, desk lamps, and many more.
  • Rent per room: If you find it too hectic to pick every single item to furnish your place for your short-term rental needs, furniture rental companies can also offer you images of completely furnished rooms to select from. You will be free to choose your favorite style for each room, from modern looks for a living room to traditional looks for your bedroom.
  • Choose a rental package: A furniture rental company allows you to choose a package to furnish your entire place. A package can offer you all the furniture you need for a master bedroom, dining room, and living room. Rental packages come with all the standard items you will require. Also, you can add additional desired items to your rental package to make it best suited for your furnishing requirements.
  • Choose your rental period: You can choose your rental period to be even for one month. However, that short rental period can turn out to be an expensive investment for you compared to yearly periods for rental furniture. When you go for selecting your rental period, make sure to be realistic first about how long you will need furniture for your furnishing needs. Discuss the amount of fees for longer or shorter leases for rental furniture. Also, try to know what will happen if you change your mind about your rental period.
  • Fill out the credit application for renting furniture: You will have to fill out a credit application before renting your furniture. Once your furniture rental company reviews and approve your application, they will contact you and finalize your order for the required furniture. You should know that every company has its own different way of working, so make sure to know about their privacy and policies in advance.
  • Arrange the delivery: You know when you will be going to need your furniture. With your furniture rental plan, you can be ready with your furniture need the same day of moving into your new place. You can be delivery-ready by coordinating with your apartment building for making arrangements for furniture delivery.
  • Expiration of lease: After your furniture lease is over, it will be probably eligible for renewal on a monthly basis. If you are prepared to give up on the rented furniture at the end of the lease, your furniture rental company will take away everything from your apartment by themselves. Make sure to know about the notice period your rental company will need for furniture pickup. Also, you should know if there will be any associated pickup fee or not.

How much does it cost to rent furniture?

Renting furniture will cost you exceptionally way lesser than buying a brand new one. The cost of renting furniture can vary with furniture quality and also as per your location. A furniture rental company can also charge you a delivery fee, insurance, etc. Some rental companies can also ask you for a one-month security deposit for your overall furniture rental plan.


Each furniture rental company is different. Make sure to go through their policies first so you can find out if they can meet your needs. Understand all the processes and also each associated fee related to your rental furniture plan. Go through the entire lease and contracts so you can make sure that you understand all the rental terms and conditions thoroughly.