Rental Furniture Services in Washington, DC

Bringing Affordable Furniture Rentals In Washington, DC, At Your Fingertips:

The modern generation of youngsters aspires to the best furniture rentals in Washington, DC, to decorate their homes and offices. 

This is why rental furniture outlets do their best to attract customers with lucrative schemes and offers. Customers are offered discounts, lucrative furniture rental deals, or schemes. We suggest you grab every opportunity that comes your way.

Corporate Rental Invites You to Its Furniture Rental Washington, DC, Outlet

Corporate Rentals (CR) is a huge brand in the domain of furniture rentals. Our 25 years of record, quality of customer experiences, and satisfaction speak volumes about it. 

We value customers with high-quality furniture rentals and rental furniture services in Washington, DC. The cost of all our furniture rental collections, individual furniture, and services is always kept within your financial reach. 

We allow you to save money and time that goes into buying permanent furniture. We focus on benefitting homeowners, homebuyers, tenants, corporate housing owners, students, stagers, professionals, Military personnel, actors, and other gypsies with affordable furniture rentals of the highest quality possible. 

The inventory of Corporate Rentals Washington, DC, outlet features various rental furniture collections. Manager’s Special Collection, Arlington Collection, Montgomery Collection, and Potomac Collection are their names. 

These furniture rental collections can be retained by paying an affordable amount of rent. What is more important is you can choose any payment method of your choice for it. 

Don’t have the money to rent the entire collection? Do you need to rent only a couple of furniture pieces? Don’t worry! This option is also available for you. 

Corporate Rentals in Washington, DC, allows you to rent any number of individual furniture items from these collections. 

More Reasons To Trust Us For The Best Furniture Rentals In Washington, DC. 

We have got your back on all fronts. You will realize it once you visit our website or Washington, DC, rental furniture outlet. We would still like to tell you a thing or two about the value we offer to our customers. 

Speedy Scheduling of Return, Replacements, Upgrade And Transportation of Furniture Rentals In Washington, DC

Life is unpredictable! You never know what is going to happen next with you. You never know what the goddess of destiny has in her bag for you. Life keeps on changing every second.

The life of military personnel testifies to it. They are transferred from one place to another at any time. Even the life of students, actors,  and professionals is a perfect example of it. 

They also travel from one part of the world to another for better educational and professional opportunities. 

There is one common thing between the lives of military personnel, students, stagers, and professionals. All of them have to face the hassle of returning and transporting their rental furniture. This challenge makes their life extremely difficult. Even getting rental furniture replaced or upgraded at their new residence also becomes a challenge for them. 

We don’t want you to face such a problem. You can call our customer support team anytime. Our customer support executive will take your details (like your name, address, phone number, and email address) to serve you. The executive will also ask you to tell the address of your new office or home for hassle-free transportation of rental furniture. 

As far as return, upgrade, and replacement of furniture rentals are concerned, our team of specialists will visit your place for it. You just relax and sit in one corner of your choice with a cup of your favorite coffee in your hands to direct the team. 

Everyone in the team is skilled and experienced enough to carry out the task safely and on time. 

Corporate Rentals in Washington, DC, invites its outlet and website to explore its inventory. You will understand the value we can add to the personality, feel, aura, and ambiance of your home and office. But the most important thing you will understand is the way we value all our customers. 

Our team is waiting for you! Don’t want to hit the road? Fine! Come to our website or call us!

Corporate Rentals: Furniture Rental Washington, DC, At Your Fingertips

We ardently believe in offering positive experiences to all our customers. We strive to ensure it through affordable, convenient, and high-quality rental furniture services.  

All customers are allowed to edit previous transactions. Customers are also allowed to rent furniture they have rented in the past. What is more important is that you don’t have to break the bank. 

The availability of multiple furniture rental contract types, a variety of rental furniture collections & items, and payment options are some more ways for us to value customers.

Schedule Delivery Of Rental Furniture In Washington, DC, On-Call Or Online?

Most of our customers don’t have enough time to visit our outlet. Some don’t get time from their personal and professional life to visit our website also. Are you also one of those? 

Do you need rental furniture instantly at your office or home? Don’t worry! Just place your order through our website once. Alternatively, you can place your order through 

In other words, we allow you to save your time in many ways.

Corporate Rentals In Washington DC Assembles And Setup Your Rental Furniture

Furniture assembling and setup is a time-consuming and risky process. A lot of time goes into it. 

The chances of you or your family members getting injured multiply in this process if you don’t have any experience of it. 

You need to think about your safety. More importantly, think about the safety of your parents, life partner, and kids. 

You can rely on us for it. We house a team of rental furniture setup and assembly in Washington, DC. They will save you time that goes into this process. 

What is more important is their wealth of furniture rental assembly and setup skills and experience will save you and your family members from possible injuries.

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Our team provides superior customer service for Rental Furniture in Washington DC. Interested in learning more about our Rental Furniture in Washington DC? Fill out the form or call us at 301-317-4040.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Corporate Rentals For Rented Furniture In Washington, DC?

Renting furniture from Corporate Rentals (CR) in Washington, DC, benefits you in many ways. Access to Arlington, Potomac, Manager’s Special, and Montgomery furniture rental collection is a huge benefit. You are allowed to rent furniture items individually to save money that goes into renting the entire collection. A chance to rent sanitized furniture is also a huge benefit. Moreover, you can schedule a speedy pickup, return, replacement, and upgrade of furniture on-call or online.

Is There A Discount For Referring Friends Or Colleagues To Your Furniture Rental Services In Washington, DC?

This is something we need to work on! Our Washington, DC, outlet team is working on this front. We have plans to introduce referral schemes to offer more discounts to all our customers for referring our products and services to their family, friends, colleagues, and other contacts.

Can Military Members Rent Furniture For Temporary Housing During Relocation?

Yes! Military members can rent furniture for temporary housing during the relocation. We do our best to serve all our military members in the best possible way. What is more important is we have the facility to release military members from the contract with a simple 30-day written notice that you are relocating to a duty destination that is at least 75 miles or more away from our current local outlet or if you have retired or been discharged, separated or released from the military or if you have been transferred for more than 90 days period.

What Types Of Furniture Are Available For Student Rentals?

We have several furniture collections in our inventory for student rentals. Arlington, Montgomery, Potomac, and Manager’s Special rental furniture collections are in our inventory for student rentals. Dining furniture, study furniture, master bedroom furniture, kitchenware, appliances, and living room furniture are the specialties of all our collections for student rentals.

Do You Offer Package Deals For Furnishing Entire Homes Or Apartments In Washington, DC?

Yes! We offer package deals for furnishing the entire home or apartment in Washington DC. The charges depend on several factors like the distance of your home/apartment from our store, the number of furniture items required there, the amount of space available in your home or apartment, and the number of stairs or floors the team is expected to climb. For more information, please call our customer support.

Do You Have A Customer Satisfaction Guarantee For Your Furniture Rentals In Washington, DC?

Yes! We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee for our furniture rentals in Washington, DC. We offer you a grace of 5 days for any kind of add-ons and exchanges after the date of delivery. No additional delivery charges will be levied. Moreover, we do our best to serve all our customers in the best possible way. We will offer you alternatives if a furniture rental item ordered by you is not available in our inventory. You will be allowed to return the alternative offered once the furniture item ordered by you is in stock again.

Is Insurance Included In The Furniture Rental Cost In Washington, Dc?

No! Corporate Rentals (CR) in Dover, DE, does not include the Renter’s insurance In The cost of the Rental Furniture Package in Washington, DC, at any time.

Are There Options For Short-Term Furniture Rentals In Washington, DC?

Yes! We have several short-term furniture rentals for you in our inventory in Washington, DC. The list includes but is not limited to Short-term military furniture rentals and short-term student furniture rentals. We allow you to rent any individual furniture item or an entire collection available in our inventory for a minimum period of three months. You can browse our digital inventory or come to a local outlet to learn about the value our Short-term furniture rental collections offer you.

Can I Cancel My Furniture Rental Order, And What Is The Cancellation Policy In Washington, Dc?

Yes! You can cancel your furniture rental order at any time. Those who cancel or abort the service afternoon on the day before scheduled delivery pay a $150 cancellation fee or the rent for the entire first month (Whichever is higher). You must contact Corporate Rentals (CR) customer Support by Friday Afternoon (By 12:00 PM) if your delivery is scheduled for Monday. Otherwise, you will not be able to avoid the late fee.

What Sets Your Furniture Rental Service Apart From Others In Washington, DC?

Many things set our furniture rental services apart from others in Washington, DC. The list includes but is not limited to several furniture rental collections in inventory, flexible long and short-term rental furniture contracts for students and military personnel, guaranteed customer satisfaction, and access to high-quality rental furniture at affordable prices.