4 Surprising Facts About Furniture Delivery You Probably Didn’t Know

4 Surprising Facts About Furniture Delivery You Probably Didn’t Know

The process for the delivery of Apartment furniture rentals is different. You have to be answerable for everything. The list includes but is not limited to finding an appropriate delivery method, maintaining product quality during transit, and delivery cost.

Your customers deserve an extremely positive last-mile delivery experience. This is the only medium to build a loyal customer base for business growth.

Today’s post will highlight factors that play a crucial role in the Apartment furniture rental delivery process. The purpose is to help your business climb the growth and success ladder.

Important Apartment Furniture Rentals Delivery Factors:

Customer satisfaction is important for the success and growth of a furniture rental business. Many things collectively determine the quality and level of satisfaction your customers enjoy.

Allow us to tell you about some of those key delivery factors.

⦁ Prefer A White Collar Service Instead Of Choosing Any Service Provider.
⦁ Build Your Digital Presence.
⦁ Know Your Shipping Costs.
⦁ Offer Consumers Delivery Flexibility And Visibility.

Let’s take a look at the way these short-term furniture rental delivery processes determine the quality of experience of your customers with your brand.

Prefer A White Collar Service Instead Of Choosing Any Service Provider:

Different types of shipping methods are needed for heavy shipping. A specific approach is needed to ensure timely delivery of rental furniture.

Prioritize hiring furniture-specialized delivery companies that offer white glove rental furniture services. It is because they have a team of experts to take care of your furniture rentals during the transit and setup process.

Build Your Digital Presence:

All popular platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify offer IDNS (Integrated Delivery Network Services).

Embrace the digital revolution to grow your audience coverage beyond your offline rental furniture outlet’s capacity.

Those who have taken their rental furniture services are not finding furniture delivery a limiting factor.

Know Your Shipping Costs:

A variety of shipping costs are related to the cost of rental furniture delivery. The price of white glove shipping services usually ranges between $60 to $400.

Several factors are taken into account for it. The weight, quantity, packaging, distance, and entry process are some of those factors.

Their delivery team will do everything to prevent failed delivery of short-term furniture rentals to your customers’ homes. What is more important is that the team focuses on preventing customer’s remorse with your brand.

Offer Consumers Delivery Flexibility And Visibility:

The expectations of customers are on cloud nine these days. They want a lot more than you can imagine. Flexibility and visibility in your delivery of rental furniture services is one of those key things.

Make sure your customers receive real-time notifications related to your white glove rental furniture delivery process. Your customers deserve a notification about everything.

These are a couple of things you must keep in mind while searching for a furniture rental delivery partner.

The value of these tips multiplies if you are searching for a competent furniture delivery partner to deliver short-term furniture rentals efficiently.

Those who want to rent furniture for home decor in the United States should visit our website or local outlets. We will exceed your expectations and requirements on all fronts.

Keep Up Your Style: Temporary Furniture Rentals for Your Temporary Residence

Keep Up Your Style: Temporary Furniture Rentals for Your Temporary Residence

Do you intend to relocate for a few months for professional, academic, or personal reasons? Concerned about moving and equipping your new temporary residence? Don’t worry; short term furniture rental might be the answer. The adage “home is where the heart is” is well known. Home has historically been associated with a certain location. However, in modern times, “home” is more of an emotion that we try to carry wherever we go. You may define, shape, and reconnect that feeling to a place with the assistance of corporate rentals. You can place your heart exactly where it belongs with the help of our short-term furniture rental service. This blog post will explore the benefits of short-term furniture rentals and how you can style your temporary home effortlessly.

Availability and Flexibility

Moving can be difficult, especially when carrying large furniture. In situations when the rental firm can deliver the furniture to your door and set it up for you, short-term furniture rental offers a stress-free choice. You can personalize your temporary living area to your tastes by choosing from a variety of furniture styles and colors offered by the majority of rental firms. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about shipping or disposing of the furniture when your lease expires; you can simply return it.

No Upkeep Necessary

The expense and inconvenience of maintaining the furniture won’t be a concern for you. You can save on the added costs and effort of upkeep by letting short-term furniture rental firms handle all repairs and cleaning. This guarantees that the furniture you’ve hired will remain in outstanding shape throughout your stay.

Possibility of Obtaining Fine Furniture

You can get high-quality furniture that you might not have otherwise been able to afford by renting it for a brief time. Rental businesses typically offer a wide variety of solutions to suit various tastes, styles, and financial constraints. Everything from couches, mattresses, desks, chairs, and tables to décor items is available for rent, making it simple to decorate your short-term residence.

Low Cost 

Instead of purchasing new furniture or having your current items shipped to a new location, short-term furniture rental may be a more affordable option. Without making a long-term ownership commitment, you can rent furniture for as long as you need it. As a result, you won’t be responsible for the high upfront costs of buying furnishings.

Corporate Rentals offers reasonably priced furniture rentals for students, short-term housing, temporary flat living, and everything in between. You can pay a little monthly fee rather than buying and selling furniture or investing in moving agencies. In exchange, you can furnish your entire home in a unique style that may even complement the ambiance of your new home.

Purchasing the appropriate-sized furniture for your rooms is simple when you rely on assistance from knowledgeable advisers. You obtain fashionable, beautiful materials that are of a high caliber while staying within your means.

Always Available 

You frequently have to deal with the availability at furniture stores in addition to the delivery time. Have you located the ideal couch or table? In a furniture store, there is always a possibility that the item you want is out of stock, which means you will have to wait even longer to get it. The fact that the furniture we offer is typically always in stock and quickly available makes renting furniture advantageous. This means that in just a few working days, your ideal furniture will be delivered to your home! 

Benefits of Sustainability

Comparing renting furniture to buying or disposing of it frequently, renting short-term furniture rental is more environmentally friendly. You may lessen the amount of furniture waste that ends up in landfills by renting rather than purchasing. Additionally, rental businesses can transport furniture in greater quantities, minimizing the environmental impact of producing new furniture and cutting transportation emissions.

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Final Thought

For those who need temporary accommodation, short-term furniture rental provides a practical and affordable answer. They give you access to high-quality furniture that you can personalize based on your preferences and that doesn’t need to be maintained or transported. For people concerned about their environmental impact, renting is an eco-friendly choice due to its sustainability advantages.

Short-term furniture rental lets you stay elegant without having to forgo your spending limit or personal preferences. It provides a simple, practical, and environmentally friendly way to furnish your temporary residence. Therefore, the next time you have to relocate, think about short-term furniture rentals and see how you can turn your temporary space into a cozy and fashionable home.

It’s time to go shopping now that you are aware of the advantages of short-term furniture rentals. Rental services can provide you with everything you need, whether it be a couple of accent chairs or an entire living room set. So prepare to enjoy your new temporary home in style by packing your baggage.

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Is Short-Term Furniture Rental The Best Option for College Students?

Is Short-Term Furniture Rental The Best Option for College Students?

It’s high time to leave your parents’ residence and attend college or a university. All the primary expenses have been covered by the admin fees for your flat, insurance premiums, electricity deposits, as well as the first and last month’s lease. But hold on, you still haven’t bought any furniture for your new apartment! There are two kinds of furniture that you can have short-term furniture rental or a piece of expensive new furniture, but the choice is all yours, what you want for yourself.

You’ve already spent a lot of money on moving expenses; now, you have to spend more than a thousand dollars to furnish your new home. There was always the option of using the worn-out furniture from your parents’ home, which was probably made in the late 1960s and no longer had any firmness in the seats, but let’s admit it, you want to have some furniture that is at approximately resemble your age or even younger. What on the planet could you do, however, if you don’t have enough money to furnish a property completely? What you can do is have rental furniture, as we mentioned earlier in this article.

We are not telling a lie at all, it’s fantastic to be economical and save some money, but you wouldn’t really want to compromise on furnishings. For several college kids, renting furniture is the ultimate choice in this scenario. Although the idea of renting furniture for student accommodation is still relatively new, it is quickly has become one of the best options for kids to decorate their new college apartments.

It’s definitely the best idea to go for a short-term furniture rental when you are a college student and living away from your house. This is because there are so many benefits of having rental furniture, and some of these benefits are listed below:

  1. You’ll get to save some extra money:

    The lower price is one of the greatest benefits of leasing furniture. Your hard-earned dollars may probably end up being spent in the thousands of dollars when you purchase brand-new furnishings items. While purchasing goods completely altogether can take years to pay off, renting furniture is much less costly, and most individuals can finish their rental terms rapidly. After the lease period is up, you can even be given a choice to buy the furniture, which indicates you’re receiving high-quality furniture for a bargain price.

  2. The terms and conditions for leasing furniture are flexible:

    Leasing furniture is one of the best calls whether you’re a university student or are only temporarily residing someplace. It is simple to relocate from one location to another because the rental business will arrive and set everything up for you, saving you the money and effort of hiring movers and packers. Leasing furniture may be advantageous for all those who usually travel or don’t plan to settle down for a longer length of time. Even if you’re living for two months, six months, or a year, leasing allows you the flexibility to move without having to relocate all that heavy furniture.

  3. You got the freedom to change your style:

    There are chances that you’ve got bored of your old sofa set, but you are not capable of purchasing a brand new set of sofa. If you’re tired of your current furniture and need to move around, you can always rent furniture from a local furniture store. You will be able to get exactly what you want at a price you can afford. When you rent furniture, you can also choose to bring your own furniture if you prefer. Short-term furniture rental allows you to be flexible with your space because you can easily swap out your furniture when you feel like it.

  4. It’s quite an eco-friendly idea:

    Each year, tonnes of furnishings are disposed of in landfills, having left behind trash and sometimes even harmful chemical materials. Renting furniture allows us to give used items a new lease of life or transfer them to a new buyer. Before it is shipped to a new residence, rental furniture is professionally cleaned and assessed. You can keep outdated goods from languishing in the garbage by “recycling” furnishings. It’s a simple method of using furnishings again without destroying the environment. Having fewer carbon emissions is wonderful for everybody and is made possible by leasing.

  5. Fast delivery service:

    A lot of waiting period is mainly encountered when purchasing new furniture. Whenever you would like to quickly transform your apartment into a home, having to wait days, weeks, or even months for new furniture might be a real disadvantage. The significantly faster delivery time is a key benefit of leasing your furnishings. Getting rental furniture is perfect if you need to relocate into your new house soon and don’t have the patience to wait for your freshly purchased furnishings.

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Renting furniture is an ideal solution when you are a college student or an intern.

It’s difficult enough to have been a college student. Buying furniture is really not the best option whenever you’re trying to maintain good enough grades and a constant expenditure. However, student Furniture Rentals in Philadelphia is an appropriate and reasonable approach. Renting furniture can help save money if you should be staying on campus in a dormitory or off in an apartment. Typically, furniture rental firms provide student packages that are affordable and contain all the essentials, including home furnishings, bedroom furniture, and even dining room accessories. You may get furnishings for an unfurnished apartment for the amount of a used, suspicious couch.

ConclusionWhen you have the option of renting furniture, buying appears to be clearly a stupid idea. The circumstances in which it would be more feasible are those in which the anticipated duration of use is less than six months. For example, Student Furniture Rentals in Philadelphia is the best thing to consider. The scenarios such as when you are a student and came to another city just for your studies and not going to stay longer or when presenting a home for sale, residing under a short-term lease or preparing to move quickly.

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Advantages and Disadvantages: Renting Furniture When Relocating

Advantages and Disadvantages: Renting Furniture When Relocating

Furniture is typically not ideal for everyone due to its high cost and mass, especially for those who live in temporary housing or cannot afford it. Renting the furnishings in these circumstances is a better choice. Every resident’s wants for furniture rental are unique due to the wide range of possible conditions.

It could be pricey to relocate a lot of old furniture when you’re relocating across the nation. Or perhaps you’ve agreed to a six-month lease and would prefer to put off making any additional purchases until your subsequent relocation.

Renting furniture has some definite benefits, and there is Short term furniture rental near me where renting furniture doesn’t require a significant upfront expenditure. Additionally, since you won’t have to carry it yourself, this benefits you as it frees up your time to focus on the house preparation.

Additional justifications for leasing rather than purchasing furniture include:

You’re in motion

It can be challenging to ship your household goods abroad, including furniture. Making such moving arrangements and determining how your furniture will be transported are already challenging tasks. Therefore, renting furniture is preferable, especially if the move is temporary. It will be more straightforward and cost-effective to rent a furnished home.

You’re drawn to various fashion trends.

Furniture styles are subject to frequent change, and as fashion trends alter, so may your choice of furniture. If so, renting the furniture might be preferable to buying it. While spending less, you’ll be able to experiment with various looks. When you start to like a new style, it will spare you the hassle of attempting to sell your furniture.

Short-term stay

Temporary rentals are a better option for you if you’re the sort of person who travels frequently. You might be a student or a member of the armed forces, and you might not have any say in the timing or location of your move. You don’t have to buy furniture whenever you move; you can just rent it. When you are finally ready to settle down, you will be able to select appropriate furniture for your permanent residence, thanks to this.

You own several residences.

You might possess a townhouse, beachfront holiday home, and country home, implying you’ll only temporarily reside there in each location. Temporary rentals are still an excellent choice if you own two houses and need to sell one of them. To set up a viewing for possible buyers, you can hire furnishings.

You do not want to purchase

Another significant decision that costs a lot of money is purchasing furniture, and you might not be prepared to make such an investment. Finding the proper furniture can take a lot of time and effort. You must travel from one location to another to evaluate quality and value. You can rent until you’re prepared to invest your time and money in finding the most lavish furnishings.

Renting Furniture When Relocating

The advantages of Furniture Rental

  • During an expensive move, you can make some savings.

When you move, out-of-pocket costs can quickly mount up. It might not be possible to promptly purchase brand-new, expensive goods, such as sofas, dining tables, and bedroom furniture. You can stretch out expenditures by making monthly payments if you rent those things. Just keep in mind that in some apartment complexes, furnished apartments cost more to rent every month.

  • Moving will be less complicated for you.

Moving was ranked as the single-most stressful life experience by 45% of respondents in a recent survey. Moving furniture is one of the most stressful aspects of an independent relocation. You’ll have fewer concerns on moving day if you reduce your load. Additionally, you may make all the necessary preparations for your rentals before moving in, ensuring that your belongings are ready for you.

  • You can maintain flexibility.

For individuals with short-term leases, renting furniture is a fantastic choice. Several circumstances make purchasing furniture for an apartment unfeasible, such as being on a temporary work assignment or waiting for the construction of your home. Additionally, you can only rent what you require. Your furniture rental options are entirely up to you, ranging from an entire apartment’s worth of furniture to just one sofa or TV stand.

Some disadvantages of renting furniture

  • You can experience timing issues.

It will need planning if you want all of your rented furniture to be at your apartment when you move in. A practical difficulty, particularly for individuals with short-term arrangements, could arise when you’re rented furniture needs removing by the moment you check out.

  • You might unintentionally harm something.

You’ll probably pay for stains, scratches, nicks, and other unintentional harm. Residents and visitors must therefore use those parts with caution. Instead of worrying about it, consider it extra motivation to be cautious and maintain a tidy workspace.

  • You may need to make some modifications.

When blending your rental furniture with your old possessions, you might not have a place for everything. By asking your community manager for room dimensions or collecting them yourself on your tour, you can try to find these problems before moving in.

  • Fewer possibilities

Furniture rentals may not have all the options you want. Your alternatives are constrained, which is why. For instance, let’s say you’ve opted to rent furniture from a rental firm because you have assembly work in a vacant contemporary house. However, the rental company won’t have any more contemporary furniture to go with the modern home, so you’ll be forced to hire furniture that doesn’t fit the design of the home you’ll be staging.

corporate rentals truck

The Wrapping up

Renting furniture could be the ideal way to simplify your life, based on the circumstances. Rental furniture in Washington DC takes excellent satisfaction in providing entirely individualized rental experiences, and this attitude is genuine when renting furniture for your apartment. You can go for rentals if you’re relocating but don’t intend to transfer any furniture. You can rent high-quality furniture close to your new home that matches your style.

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Short-Term living: The Rise of Furniture Rental

Short-Term living: The Rise of Furniture Rental

In recent years we have seen how popular furniture rental has become. And this market is expected to grow double in upcoming years. There are several reasons behind the rise of this short-term furniture rentalFor example: If not all but at least some people must relocate at some point in their life. There comes a familiar set of issues: deciding what items will be kept and which will be donated or trashed. A packer helps you move everything from Point A to Point B. Unloading all the things once it reaches their destination is the most challenging part of the process.

That’s why people shifted their preferences towards rental furniture due to the ease it provides you. There is no headache of packing everything and taking it along whenever you leave a place. You can rent new furniture wherever you go. This rental furniture market is growing well as it is cost-effective too, as you have to pay for the table only when you are using it. You can return it at the end of your rental period without paying the rental company again. This is the way that helps you to keep your home updated with the latest trends in furniture.

Three reasons that make sure that furniture rental is the future:

You’ll get whatever you need and much more, even if you’re shopping for furniture to settle your living room or quirky yet fashionable pieces to brighten up your space. Why should it end there? Arrange your couch around a prominent coffee table for a stunning living room. Fill up the gaps with lovely accent seats, bean bags, or a pair of comfy loungers.

Furniture rental companies will be able to meet all of your specifications without causing you to go over budget. You might even be able to save money over the long term.

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  1. You can get all-inclusive discounts and offers: Your regional furniture store may be a big seller in your neighborhood, but it doesn’t have the same reach as an online marketplace. Because they interact with many clients, online businesses may provide superior great deals on the furniture they sell.If you want to rent furniture for a short period or if you’re going to take on a pricey sofa or bed for a prolonged period. In such a case renting furniture online will be a more accessible and less costly way to do this.
  1. You get everything best here: Every rental company is committed to providing stylish, high-quality furniture. For even the most experienced packers, furnishing your permanent place can be a daunting task. Nobody wants to spend lots of money on furnishings that won’t last more than a year. Cheap furniture has never served anyone well.Therefore, when you had to select between furniture from vintage stores and high-end companies whose catalogs you’ve undoubtedly fawned over so many times now. Why would you want to compromise when you can rent the latter? If you want to check out a piece of furniture for your home before buying it, renting it is an attractive option.
  1. A blessing for short-term tenants: University students, employees, ex-pats, and anyone who is moving soon should probably rent furniture. Purchasing furniture items would require you to find a second-hand purchaser or hire vans and movers to assist you in moving your oversized items. The beautiful thing about rental furniture stores is that they’re all distributed in various places, and you can get almost everything you are looking for.

When you’re not relocating, short-term furniture rentals are a good choice. Maybe you’d want an extra set of seats, a better tv for the sports season, or a sleeping sofa for when your family comes to visit.

Renting Furniture VS Buying Who is The Best Option??

Why we’ve noticed the rise of rental furniture just now?

As per researchers, the rise in popularity of furniture renting and lease alternatives in recent years is mainly related to time and the upcoming generation. Because these youngsters are much more willing to take up and relocate than earlier generations.

According to a 2017 Coresight Research study emailed to Retail Dive, “as the generally younger, digitally-enabled communities in urban areas face limited space in their homes. Still, they enjoy better access to rapid shipping options and local collection points. Urbanization boosts demand for furniture rentals. In addition, the survey discovered a trend in customer behavior toward purchasing transient instead of investment goods. A further Coresight Research study from that year revealed that 11% of consumers in the United States would be happy to rent furniture. 9% in the United Kingdom,13% in New York would be glad to rent tables and chairs, and 20% in London.

Why is it worth it to rent furniture?

Furniture rental has become progressively prevalent, particularly among younger people who want a more nomadic existence. Furniture rental is not only a more cost-effective way to equip a home rapidly, but it also gives customers a more comprehensive range of options.

  1. Style: Discovering pieces that will meet your growing class is amongst the most challenging components of outfitting a new room. Renting furniture allows you to modify your style more often than the times change.
  2. Flexibility: A significant advantage of furniture renting is the flexibility it provides. Renting allows you to choose which components you want and how long you need them for. You never understand what life will throw at you—maybe in a few months, you’ll be relocating across the nation for your dream job. In such a case it will be preferable for you to search for a short term furniture rental near me.
  3. SustainabilityWhen you lease furniture, you’re buying products you’ll use, but you’re also assuring that they’ll last a long time. Using the furniture to its full potential before recycling reduces the desire for the product.


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Conclusion: These are all the reasons behind the success of the rental furniture market. Mainly it is a trend that the young generation has flourished as they believe in the best that comes with ease. That’s why it’s not wrong to say that millennials play an essential role in the rise of the rental furniture trend. Although, as we mentioned above, it will flourish more in upcoming years. Search for short term furniture rental near me if you are also a short-term tenant and looking for the furniture rental.

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