Month: May 2019

Checklist for Moving into a New Apartment or Home

Checklist for Moving into a New Apartment or Home

We have created a basic (but helpful) checklist to get you started in your new digs. Feel free to print, save and/or share the check list. It has all the needed items for each room, plus some extras. It has a check column to check down when the item has been ordered

ROI for Pre-Furnished Units in Apartment Buildings

ROI for Pre-Furnished Units in Apartment Buildings

Any business decision comes down to the ROI (return on investment). So, when it comes to apartment complexes, is it really worth getting pre-furnished units for their residents. The answer in short is yes, but it also depends on a few factors such as lease […]

Travel Apps for Those Always on the Go for Business

Travel Apps for Those Always on the Go for Business

Traveling (even for business) can be fun! Don’t stress, just download some apps! Maybe you drive or take the bus, train or a plane. Either way, we can provide you with some apps to download ASAP.

Travel Apps for Those Always on the Go for Business


Waze – Waze will find a way to get you out of traffic always. Waze also relies on user reports to bring you additional helpful information like accidents, hazards on the road, police, traffic and more. This app is necessary for those always commuting via car.

Uber/Lyft – Don’t driver yourself? Uber and Lyft are great ways to get from point A to point B! In addition, both services now have scooters as well. Track a nearby electric scooter, use the app to pay and ride it through any city to your final destination. Fun, affordable and convenient!

ParkWhiz – Parking can be a pain! Especially in major cities like D.C., New York, Philly, etc. With that being said, this app will be your new best friend. This app will not only locate the closest parking, but also give the most affordable options!


Greyhound – Book tickets, keep up with any delays, and more.

FlixBus – This app offers affordable bus trips within many states here in the U.S. It is also available in Europe if you are traveling internationally. The booking process is simple and every bus offer comfortable seats and free Wi-Fi according to the apps website.


Transit – Depending on where you are at, there is a transit app to help. For example, D.C. has a metro app, Maryland has a MARC app, NYC has a subway app and the list goes on. Depending on where you are, look up the transit app and download it right away to help you.

Amtrak – The Amtrak is the most popular commuter train as it has many routes (far and close). It tends to be affordable as well. The app is user friendly. Book your ticket, have it on your phone and get reminders when your travel is coming up.


Airline Apps – Delta, Spirit, Southwest, Alligent and the list goes on. Each airline has an app and it can be helpful for many things including booking trips, checking trip status, buying bags, and having your boarding pass right there on the phone.

FlightAware – This app allows for live flight tracking of any flight on all airlines. It allows access to a travel map. All you need is a route, airline, flight number, or airport code. Simple, easy and very useful whether you are traveling or picking someone up!

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