Making the Most of a Home Office: Decorating and Space Maximization

Making the Most of a Home Office: Decorating and Space Maximization

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular! For some people this is full time and for others, partially in office and partially remote. Other times, you may work full-time in office, but still take work home or have a freelance job and need a home office. No matter what the reason is for needing a home office, you want your home office to be as comfortable and feasible as possible. Whether you have an extra room to use as an office or just a small corner in your home/apartment, we have some great tips for both decorating and maximizing the space!

Making the Most of a Home Office: Decorating and Space Maximization:

  1. Measure the space – Find the home office space you have available and measure it out! Then find items (desks, filing cabinets, etc.) that fit in that area. Don’t just guess it will fit! That is a sure way to end up disappointed.
  2. What type of office storage do you need? – Now that you know the space restrictions, plan out what storage you need/ can fit. Think files, office supplies, mail or anything else you would store on or near a desk. There are options and plenty of them! Some of these options include filing cabinets, on desk stacked storage bins, hutches for desks, and small cabinets to fit under the desk. These are just a few of many options though!
  3. Which style items are most important? – What is important style/ look wise for your home office? It could be colors, type of desk (wood, metal, etc), and so many other things. Be sure to think of this ahead and cordinate items that way they look good together. Once you have the measurements, stores like Office Depot, Walmart, and Target are all good places to start. If shopping isn’t your thing, then check those stores out online and also consider Amazon or other e-commerce options.
  4. Keep it bright – Try to maximize natural light (if possible). Create the space near windows and keep the shades up during the day. Natural light not only makes the office/home looks brighter and happier, but has benefits for your happiness as well.
  5. Invest (intelligently) in the right equipment – Be smart and budget! However, invest in (or rent if you are short-term living) what is really important, study and will last long. Keep in mind storage and style as discussed above.

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