Furniture Rental Step by Step Process – Corporate Rentals

Furniture Rental Step by Step Process – Corporate Rentals

Welcome back to our blog! Today we are discussing our personal step by step process. Our process is designed to insure consumer happiness! With that being said, the process to rent our furniture and housewares is easy, quick and painless. Learn more below.

Corporate Rentals Furniture Rental Process

  1. Place the order – This is done through our Corporate Rentals website which is quite user friendly. Just go to the packaged page, select what you want, select any add-ons and add to the cart! Easy peasy.
  2. Hear from customer service – Soon after the order is placed, our customer service department will call you. This is within the business day weekdays and right away on Monday if the order is placed on a weekend. The purpose of this call is to go over all details of the order, discuss the process and move on to the next step!
  3. Sign the docusign – Next, we will send over a docusign via email. This allows us to run credit and background. This step doesn’t usually take longer a few hours to a day!
  4. Get approved – Wait on approval to come through (again, this doesn’t take long). As soon as it is approved, you will be contacted!
  5. Delivery! – Finally, the delivery is made. Deliveries are made Monday – Friday and sometimes on Saturdays (with advance notice). Our deliveries are flawless. We do not leave a unit until it has been inspected by a supervisor.

Looking for a furniture rental company in the Mid-Atlantic? Check Corporate Rentals! We are happy to help.

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