How to Choose a Furniture Rental Company

How to Choose a Furniture Rental Company

Did you make the decision to rent furniture? Great! Now you have to choose the right furniture rental company. Of course we want you to pick Corporate Rentals, but we understand you have options. Keep the following items in mind when looking for your furniture rental company:

Choosing a Furniture Rental Company

  1. Time frame – Make sure that the company chosen can fit in the delivery in your time frame. Generally the bigger national chain companies have less of a chance to get the work done quickly.
  2. Budget – Be budget friendly! Compare prices online, make calls and find the right furniture for you within your budget!
  3. Customer Service – Customer service is important no matter what type of product or service you are purchasing. However, it is highly important in the case of rental furniture. The reason being communication on delivery, questions about furniture, and anything else is important to ensure happiness with the product.
  4. Options – Find a place with options! Price ranges, different styles, and plenty of additional options are important when searching for rental furniture! No one wants to be stuck with no options and no budget flexibility.

Why Corporate Rentals?

Corporate Rentals excels at all of the items mentioned above! We have quick delivery times. In fact, we can deliver from time of order in as little as 48 hours. Also, when it comes to price, we tend to be 15-20% lower cost than our competitors. Who wouldn’t want that? Our customer service team is the best of the best. We answer emails quickly, are available by phone 5 days a week and by email after hours, and even work on weekends! Anything the customer could need or want, our customer service department works hard to make it happen. Finally, we have eight packages for furniture ranging from a basic student package to a highly elegant executive style package. We also offer two different housewares package options!

Looking to learn more about Corporate Rentals? Check out our rental furniture packages online! Feel free to call (301-317-4040) or email ( with any further questions!

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