Most Sought After Apartment Amenities

Most Sought After Apartment Amenities

Amenities become increasingly important to movers each year. Helping decide which amenities are most important to you as the mover, is important for finding the perfect apartment. Amenities are any of the additional items offered by apartments apart from the unit. See some of the most sought after items below:

Pool/Hot Tub – Not all units have pools, hot tubs or both. However, this is something many look for, especially int he summer months! Many city life apartments do roof top pools now which is really cool.

Dog Park – Having a dog park is a huge plus for pup owners! Also, the apartment building being pet-friendly is an amenity in and of itself many look for.

Work Spaces – Work from home? Need a printer? Work spaces come in handy for many and for some are a must when finding a place.

Furnished Units – This amenity is hard to come by, luckily, companies like Corporate Rentals exist to rent furniture on a short notice basis to entire apartments.

Gym – Almost all buildings come wit gyms now. However, maybe you are looking for certain addition items like peleton bikes, certain weight equipment and so on. It is important to tour the gym to find one that suits your work out needs.

The list goes on, but those are some of the most popular. Keep in mind what you are looking for when searching for your new digs. Follow our Corporate Rentals Blog for all things moving, furniture, rentals, D.C., Baltimore and more.

Photo source: Property Management Insider

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