3 Tips for a Short-Term Move

3 Tips for a Short-Term Move
A short-term move can be classified from weeks to months to even years. Basically, a short term move is when one moves to another state, city or country for a temporary period of time.
– Moving for training for a new job, but just for a couple months and then retiring to home.
– Receiving a military post for a couple years away from home.
– A diplomat coming to D.C. for a post.
– Moving for college.
The list goes on! The point is, moving is stressful no matter what, but can be even more stressful for a short period. Things like what to bring, How to get furniture, and Where to live are just some of the many obstacles one will come across. With that being said, it doesn’t have to be so complicated! Follow the tips below for a smooth and stress free short term move.
Tips for a short term move:
– pay attention to lease length and costs. This especially applies to moves lasting less than three months. Some apartments don’t offer this length lease, and if they do, they tend to up the price. Keep a budget in mind!
– Take only the necessities. Pack what is absolutely needed such as toiletries, clothes and personal items. Don’t take furniture or large items unless it is really needed.
– Rent furniture! This is the cheapest and easiest option for furnishing a short term lease home/apartment. Not only will it save on cost, but make the set-up and move-out process so much simpler.
Those three simple tips can make a short term move so much easier! Looking for rental furniture in the DC area? Check out Corporate Rentals!
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