Finding the Right Apartment to Rent

Finding the Right Apartment to Rent

Finding the right apartment can be a stressful process! The best way to go about it, is to narrow down the list of what is important to you first and then start shopping around! Also, always visit a property in person, it could be very different then how it seems online. With that being said, consider the following items when searching for your new digs.

  1. What amenities are important? – Are amenities important to you? If so, which ones? Gym, game room, dog park and pool are just some of many examples. Some buildings lack amenities and others have many amenities. Keep this in mind on a search for the right place.
  2. What size apartment? – This goes for bedroom/bathrooms and also square footage. Do you need a lot of space? Or are you a simple liver? Either way, have this information known and in your head before searching.
  3. Pet friendly? – This could go either way! Maybe you love pets and need a pet friendly building or maybe you are allergic and need a pet free building. Either way, know that about every apartment
  4. Parking? – This generally only applies to cities. However, when looking for a city apartment and needing parking, always ask about the cost. Usually city parking for reserved spots is never free.
  5. Budget – Set a budget, know what you can afford and don’t exceed this budget! Searching online within a budget is super easy. However, going to the building is important as previously mentioned because sometimes the price online isn’t accurate.
  6. Commute – Plan the commute to work, school, etc and make sure it is manageable. Whether this means drive time and traffic consideration or being close to public transportation. The worst thing is to love the place you found, but end up miserable in traffic every day!

Once you know where you stand on all of these items, it will be easier to narrow down an apartment search. Visit as many apartments as possible, don’t just settle with the first one! This guarantees your happiness in the final place you choose. Pay attention to reviews of both the building and the property management company as well. These can really shed light on what living in that building would be like.

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