The Benefits of Renting Furniture vs. Purchasing

The Benefits of Renting Furniture vs. Purchasing

There are many benefits to renting furniture as opposed to buying it. One of these benefits even includes helping out the environment! Check out the list below.

  • Cost – The cost of rental furniture can be way less than buying an entire homes with of furniture and financing it over time. Especially if the home owner/renter is moving soon or living there for a short time, the cost of renting is far cheaper than buying.
  • Short term living – As mentioned in the last point, short term leases are for those in military, college, certain jobs and more. Why purchase new furniture to just either throw it out or spend more money moving it?
  • Vacation home/rental – Only rent your home as a vacation home, Air BnB, etc for short periods of time? Leave it empty when no one is there, and rent furniture when there are guests. It makes more economical sense.
  • Staging – Staging a home to sell? Renting is the way to go! Again, purchasing a bunch of furniture to just move it or get rid of it is a waste of time and money.
  • College – Lets be real, college students are on budgets, move around and don’t tend to stay in one place too long. With that being said renting is not only cost efficient, but time efficient as well in this case.
  • Environmentally friendly – Purchasing furniture results in using it for a while and then getting rid of it. Getting rid of it means taking it to a dump and throwing it in a land fill (basically). Not only does this cost more money, but it is terribly bad for the environment. When renting furniture, it goes from customer to warehouse, gets cleaned and then gets re-used for another customer. This process repeats itself.

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