How to Remove Stains from Furniture

How to Remove Stains from Furniture

Some stains are hard to get out of furniture, but it is not impossible. Here are some of the hardest stains do get out, but how to successfully do it!

  1. Wine/Juice – Wine or berry juice can leave a nasty and hard to get off stain on furniture. Generally, getting the stain out is as easy as using sparkling water and a clean cloth to blot it out. Never rub the stain in! Always pat it.
  2. Coffee – Coffee is another item that can leave a dark and annoying stain. Get this stain out with a small amount of detergent. Blot the detergent into the couch with warm water and a paper towel. This should take the stain right away.
  3. Ink – Ink stains seem impossible to get out, but they aren’t. All you need is a bit of rubbing alcohol and a cloth. As always, blot and do not rub.

These tips are especially useful for rental furniture! Unfortunately, mistakes happen, but you don’t want to return furniture stained and get charged. Follow Corporate Rentals on Facebook for more things rental furniture and furniture tips.

Photo source: La Crema Winery

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