Furniture Rental is Perfect for Any Airbnb

Furniture Rental is Perfect for Any Airbnb

Airbnb is a huge trend now. In fact, it is taking over the hotel business slowly but surely. With that being said, a furnished home or apartment being used for renting on Airbnb needs to have clean and well-taken care of furniture for the guests to use. However, buying new furniture may not make sense (especially for short-term rentals) or the budget. That is why, renting furniture to put in your home to rent out via Airbnb might be in the owners best interest.

Tips for Renting Furniture for your Airbnb

  1. More beds = more money. The more people you can fit in a room/house, the higher the price can be. Also, getting two beds a room or a pull out for the living room allows for bigger families to stay and not be inconvenienced.
  2. Extra TVs – Renting TVs for every room is a good choice for an Airbnb, plus, it is generally a low cost add-on item.
  3. Clean furniture leads to better reviews – At Corporate Rentals we thoroughly clean items between rentals. We also ensure that the furniture we send out is in supreme condition. Let’s be honest, you want high rated reviews for your Airbnb. You won’t get good reviews with gross or old furniture.
  4. Comfort and price – Focus on comfort and affordable price rather than luxury. This will provide a happy stay for your renters, without over-doing your budget to furnish the place.

Check out Corporate Rentals to rent furniture in the Mid-Atlantic. We service West Virginia, Virginia, D.C., Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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