Top 3 Places for Vacation Rentals

Top 3 Places for Vacation Rentals

Thinking about purchasing a vacation rental? These are the top 3 places to check out! These areas are all good areas with tourism, things to do and great median home prices.

  • Florida

Florida is no shocker! We put it on the top of our list due to the wide variety of places in the state great from vacation rentals. Panama City, Kissimmee (Orlando area), and Jacksonville are just a few of the many places in Florida great for rental properties. The reason we chose these areas includes high median prices for listing. All of these cities have a $250,000 (or higher) medium listing value according to Zillow. We also chose them because each spot is a good area with plenty of tourism and vacation activities.

  • Tennessee

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is another beautiful location with plenty of rental homes! What could be better than the Smokey Mountains and plenty of family activities? Again, just like the places in Florida, this area has a high median price for home listing. In fact, the median home value in Gatlinburg is $263,450 (Zillow).

  • South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the third place we suggest buying investing in a rental property! Myrtle Beach is a family friendly, fun and highly sought after vacation spot which makes it an ideal area for a rental. In addition to being an awesome area, the selling prices are what any rental property owner would be looking for. The median price in Myrtle Beach is $188,400 and it is expected to grow 8% over the next year according to Zillow.

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Photo source: Marriott Traveler

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