Tips for Moving With Pets!

Tips for Moving With Pets!

Moving with pets can be difficult, especially if you move often. It doesn’t have to be so hard though! The following tips will allow for a much smoother transition when moving with pets.

  1. Traveling – There are many things to consider when traveling with pets. Keep in mind how far the travel is, how you plan on getting there, the size of the dog and so much more. We always recommend driving as opposed to flying or shipping the pet when possible. Make sure to bring water, food, toys and all other daily needs in case you get caught up some where. Be sure to consolation your vet as well before travel!
  2. Prepare New Home – What does your pup need to feel at home? Whether it be his/her bed, a certain toy or anything else, be sure to not pack it, that way it is readily available at the new house. Close doors or put up doggy gates up for any rooms in the new house that you don’t want the pet in.
  3. Be Ready for An Adjustment Period – Be prepared for an adjustment period. Pets get stressed out with moves and new places just like people do! Accidents can happen and behaviors can change. Be aware of this and don’t get angry with the animal! If needed, consult a trainer or vet, but usual in time as they adjust, the behavior will go back to normal.

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