Corporate Rentals is the Best Rental Furniture Option in the Mid-Atlantic

While searching for rental furniture and housewares in the Mid-Atlantic region, one will come upon many different options. Which option is the best? Corporate Rentals! Sure, this may seem like a bias opinion, but when we get down to the facts, it is obvious why we say this! Check out five of the many reasons to go with Corporate Rentals.

  1. We pride ourselves on having the absolute best customer service. We are available to answer questions 24/7, 365 days a year. We will answer all emails within 20 minutes of receiving!
  2. Our turn around rate is a guaranteed 48 hours! Call us, place and order and receive that order within 2 days.
  3. The furniture we purchase and rent is all of high quality and comes from known name brands like ASHLEY furniture.
  4. Our hard-working team of drivers and movers will be in and out of an apartment quickly and efficiently with no problems. They are trained to be kind and curious, quick, detail oriented and customer service friendly. Issues (which happen very rarely) get resolved IMMEDIATELY and become our number one priority.
  5. Our prices tend to be 15-20% lower than our competition!

Still need more? Check out a before and after video!

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