Tips for Finding Temporary Housing as an Intern

Tips for Finding Temporary Housing as an Intern

It is officially summer and summer is known for being a intern season. Although whether you will be an intern now, in the fall or spring, these tips are useful! Some companies require you to temporarily relocate for the internship. Then what? Looking to find affordable temporary housing? Read on!

Tips for Temporary Housing as an Intern

  1. Ask the hiring company about corporate housing. Many times (even for interns), the company will relocate and handle the costs and process for you. Other times they might provide a stipend amount for living costs including rent, furniture, groceries and more.
  2. If the company does not provide corporate housing options, then start looking for an affordable sublease! Good places to look include local Facebook groups, Craigslist, or ask around at apartment complexes.
  3. Find out through your company if other interns need roommates. The more roommates, the less expensive the lease. Plus, you get to meet new people right off the bat.

Don’t bother moving or buying furniture just for a short internship! Renting furniture is the best solution for interns to save money and be comfortable in their home away from home. Check out Corporate Rentals for more information on our furniture and housewares rentals in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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