Tips for a Smooth Transition into a Student Apartment

Tips for a Smooth Transition into a Student Apartment

Whether you are transitioning from a dorm to a student apartment or jumping right into apartment life, moving can be fun, but also stressful. Moving into a student apart can be either on or off-campus, either way a lot goes into it. Some questions include: What furniture to get, which roommate is responsible for each item in the kitchen, bathroom(s), and living room (all common shared items),  will you need a moving truck, what are the costs going to be and the list goes on!

With that being said, we have some tips to ease the transition for you. Moving into your first apartment should be fun, not stressful.

Tips for moving into a student apartment:

  1. Allow for plenty of preparation time – Pack a couple weeks in advance and know what you will need in order to move. Example items: boxes (and how many), moving truck, moving company, friends or family to assist, tools for setting up, etc.
  2. Plan ahead with roommates (if applicable) – If you have a roommate(s) it is best to plan ahead together and decide important details such as which room belongs to each individual, what everyone is brining/contributing and more.
  3. Move in/out procedures – Know the move-in and the move-out procedures prior to moving it. When is rent due each month, what needs to be done before moving out (cleaning, repairs, etc.), what is the time window for move-in/out, etc.
  4. Maximize space – College apartments can be small, so maximize space everywhere and way you can! Use Pinterest or Google for ideas. There are plenty out there.
  5. Rent furniture! – Finally, make things easier on yourself and rent furniture. Corporate Rentals has a student package with all the basics to cover you while in college. This makes a lot more sense than purchasing items for a year or two and then having to move them or get rid of them.

Check out our student furniture rental package here!

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