What to do in a Disaster: Flooding

What to do in a Disaster: Flooding

Previously, we discussed what to do during a snow disaster, now that winter is over, we are moving onto flooding! Based on the recent weather all over the east coast and the tendency for rain to occur during the summer, this is an important topic to cover! Follow our tips below for before, during and after a storm/flood disaster.


Unfortunately, we do not always have the benefit of preparing for a storm/flood, but when we do there are some steps to take to protect your home.

  1. Sand: If possible, laying sand bags by major doorways can help keep the water out. This is especially useful for homes with basements (which tend to flood first and quickly).
  2. Be prepared: Be prepared for anything. Have an emergency kit (first aid, flash light, etc.), be ready to evacuate if needed, and have an evacuation plan.
  3. Disconnect electrical items: This is a can’t miss tip. To avoid fire and other damages, be sure to unplug all electrical items that water could touch.


During the storm, keep these items in mind!

  1. Stay put: Stay in your home and do not attempt to leave or drive after the storm has started. Safety first!
  2. Stay together: Keep your family safe and together; there is nothing worse than getting separated from your loved ones during a weather related disaster.


The storm is over, but that may not be the end of the trouble! After the storm be sure to:

  1. Survey for damages, look all over, inside and out (but be careful outside).
  2. Take pictures of any damage for the insurance company.
  3. Find a place to stay (usually through insurance) if needed.

If the unfortunate circumstances put you in insurance/temporary housing for damage, we are here to help you be as comfortable as possible. Corporate Rentals is a furniture and housewares company dedicated to quick and inexpensive delivery.

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