5 Tips to Best Take Care of Rental Furniture

5 Tips to Best Take Care of Rental Furniture
When leasing a car, owners tend to take much better care of the vehicle. The reason why is simple, it has to be returned and in pristine condition. Well, this is the same for rental furniture! When renting furniture, avoiding damage and keeping it clean is key.

Here are some tips to bet take care of your rental furniture:

1. Clean often: dust the furniture, vacuum any rugs, clean the sheets weekly (at least) and wipe off table tops as often as needed. This way, the furniture doesn’t get coded with any gunk.
2. Use coasters – Always! Using coasters can avoid unnecessary water damage (especially on wood tables).
3. Don’t move anything without professional help – Tell the delivery crew where you want everything. Don’t move things on your own and risk damaging both the rental property and the rental furniture.
4. Be extra careful! – It is pretty self explanatory! Just be careful and clean. Don’t bump things into the furniture or let un-trained pets on it. Basically, use judgement and you’ll be all good!
These simple and easy tips can keep your rental furniture in “like new condition.” At Corporate Rentals, we know “shit happens” and sometimes things get damaged. This is why all of our rentals include a furniture protection program. That way, if something happens, neither us or the personal renting the furniture has to worry.

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