Sectional or Sofa Set? We Say Set!

Sectional or Sofa Set? We Say Set!

Sectionals are great. They provide plenty of sofa space in a room. However, we truly believe sofa sets are the better option every time. Read on to find out why!


Sofa sets allow you to be much more flexible and fun when it comes to design. A sectional is all one color, but with a sofa set, mixing and matching is possible! Not to mention setting the sofa up in a desired pattern and seating arrangement of your own allows for more creativity and personality.


Space is another reason to go with a sofa set. A sectional again, can only be arranged a certain way. With a sofa set, the home owner/renter has the choice of how to best set up the items for maximum space. In addition, a clear and easy walk pathway can be created simply by strategically placing the sofa set pieces in the best areas.


Comfort is key! No one wants to have a party where EVERYONE is sitting on the same piece of furniture (especially if everyone doesn’t know each other well).  A sofa set allows families (and guests) to enjoy plenty of spaced out seating options.

Those are just three of many reasons a sofa set beats a sectional. Planning to rent furniture? Corporate Rentals always provides a sofa set for every rental.

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