Simple Interior Decoration Ideas That Look Great

Simple Interior Decoration Ideas That Look Great

Decorating a new house or apartment can be costly and complicated. We are here to simplify that for you! With just some simple and affordable items, your apartment will be looking design savvy in a jiffy. Check it out!

Creative Flower Vases – One idea is to buy some inexpensive flower vases with the stained glass look to match your color scheme. If you choose to go even more creative than that, use items like old cans, wine bottles, beer bottles or anything else that can hold flowers.

Switch up lamp shades – Buy some inexpensive lamp bases and go out and find different and creative lamp shades. Just be sure they match the color scheme and design flow of your place.

Shower curtain – A cool shower curtain can go a long way! Target, Walmart, Amazon and other inexpensive stores offer plenty of options.

Welcome mat – Spice things up with a fun and creative welcome mat! Again these can be found at the stores mentioned above as well as many others.

Throw pillows – Throw pillows are simple, small and can be inexpensive. Pick some fun color ones to match the décor of your home.

Area rugs – Area rugs are also small items that can allow for plenty of creativity and fun in your apartment.

Ladder bookshelf – Finally, consider a ladder bookshelf. These can be expensive if bought at the store, but cost barley anything DIY. If you already have an old ladder, great! If not, you can find one at a yard sale or online for basically nothing. Then, paint it if needed and lean it against the wall to use as a book shelf or DVD storage.

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