Save Money on a College Apartment

Save Money on a College Apartment

College is fun and so is getting your first apartment! However, most college students struggle with funds to do so. The lack of funds generally results in taking out loans and credit lines and increasing debt. What if we told you there are ways around that? Follow these tips to save money and remain debt free while living in a great college apartment!

  1. Roommates – The more roommates, the less you pay in rent! Living with other student is an awesome way to lower rent and make friends. If the budget is super tight, consider sharing rooms in the apartment and even further decreasing the rent each individual pays.
  2. Research – Do your research! Don’t just surf Google, check things like Craigslist, Yelp, and Facebook. There are many Facebook groups dedicated to finding roommates and housing. In many cases, people need to break their lease so the rent is even less than it would usually be.
  3. Size – Make due with a small space! Usually, the less the square footage, the cheaper the rent. There are plenty of hacks to make a small place comfortable and efficient for both living and storage.
  4. Rent furniture – Finally, instead of buying new and expensive furniture, consider leasing furniture from a rental company like us (Corporate Rentals)! Instead of paying thousands of dollars upfront for furniture, just budget out a small amount each month to go towards furniture rental. You’d be surprise how much can be saved this way.

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