When to Rent Furniture Instead of Purchasing

When to Rent Furniture Instead of Purchasing

Can’t decide between purchasing furniture or renting it? There are plenty of times when renting furniture is in your best interest for convenience, cost and/or professional reasons. The following reasons are just five of the many to rent instead of buying!

  1. Insurance housing – Insurance and corporate housing are two of the top reasons people or companies choose to rent furniture for houses and apartments. Insurance housing happens when there has been an accident such as fire or weather damage and the home owner is requires to live elsewhere while damage is repaired. Generally in these circumstances, insurance will foot the bill for housing and furniture rentals for the time being.
  2. Corporate housing – If an employee has to relocate to a new area temporarily, the company usually goes through corporate housing companies or property management companies to temporarily place the employee in a house/apartment. Rental furniture comes in handy for this situation as well.
  3. Traveling professions – Professions in which the employee moves around often should take full advantage of rental furniture. Purchasing and moving furniture every few months is a lot less feasible than renting. Examples of traveling professions include traveling nurses, military and pilots.
  4. New to an area – Just moving to a new town? Buying furniture all at once is expensive and quite a hassle. Ease the stress by renting furniture for the time being while saving money and searching for all the needed furniture to furnish your new place.
  5. Medical reasons – Unfortunately, sometimes people must relocate temporarily for medical reasons. For example, a cancer patient may relocate to Baltimore in order to receive the best treatment at Johns Hopkins. Sure, you could stay in a hotel, but why not be much more comfortable in a rented home with furniture.

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