Best Mid-Atlantic Cities to Live in!

Best Mid-Atlantic Cities to Live in!

Looking to live in the Mid-Atlantic region? There are plenty of places to move to, but there are four cites we can’t help but recommend. Of course, these places our just our opinion!

  1. Baltimore – Sometimes Baltimore gets a bad reputation, but the city is truly up and coming and an awesome place to live for people of all ages. Looking for a kid-friendly city? A city full of nightlife? A city where you can simply walk to dinner? Baltimore is for everyone! Trust us, give it a chance.
  2. D.C. – Of course the nation’s capital made the list! Washington D.C. is full of history, museums, nightlife, restaurants, events and more. Who wouldn’t want to live right near the beautiful cherry blossoms? Not to mention, the metro allows for easy travel and work commutes.
  3. Philly – Philadelphia, home to the Eagles, Philly cheesesteaks, the Liberty Bell and so much more. If D.C. and Baltimore aren’t for you, check out Rocky’s home in the beautiful city of Philadelphia.
  4. Richmond – Richmond is often overlooked on these lists, but we aren’t sure why. It is a pretty and laid back city in Virginia with plenty of opportunities. Visit this city on your search, you won’t regret it.

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Photo source: Curbed Philly

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