What is Corporate Housing?

What is Corporate Housing?

From time to time a company will temporarily relocate and employee to a new state, city, or even country. With that being said, they are generally responsible for setting this employee up with housing of some short for the time being. Of course this is just a simple definition, more effort and planning then it sounds goes into the process.

For example, is the employee going alone or bringing their family? If the family is coming along, how many are joining? Based on this information, the company generally reaches out to either apartment complexes or corporate housing companies for assistance.

In addition, the company and employee will likely discuss the needs of furniture and housewares in the apartment. Will they be home a lot, will they cook, what is a must-have in the house are all questions that start the process of deciding how to furnish the apartment.

If the company is located (or sending their employee to) the Mid-Atlantic region, they are in luck! Corporate Rentals is a furniture rental service that focusses on and has many connections within the Corporate Housing industry. Though you probably guessed this based on out company name!

Corporate Rentals is awesome because whether the client has a short-term or long-term lease, needs just the basics or to go all out and is looking for basic or high-end furniture, we can help them. With plenty of furniture and housewares collections, we are your go-to rental agency in areas including Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Looking for more information? Learn more about Corporate Rentals and our collections on our website!

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