What to do in a Disaster: Snow Storm

What to do in a Disaster: Snow Storm

Whether disasters happen and it is important to be prepared. These past few weeks the North East has been destroyed by snow storm after snow storm. In the event a snow storm hits your city, are you ready? What about your home?

Prepare before: Before the possible event of a snow emergency there are some important things to do.

  1. Grocery shop – With a major snow event, you never know how long the roads will be closed. With that being said, stock up on the necessities. Make sure you get plenty of non-perishable foods incase power goes out.
  2. Have supplies – Make sure to get any supplies you could need. Examples: flashlight, back-up phone chargers, a first aid kit and so on.
  3. Car in garage – If possible, put your car in a garage. If your house, complex or living space does not have a garage, sometimes local garages will open up for free or discounted prices. This is important for windy storms and storms with piles of snow.
  4. Take a look around – Take a look around inside and outside of your house. Take notes and photos of before the storm. In case of flooding or other emergencies, you may need these photos for insurance later.


  1. Stay inside – Stay inside and off of the roads. Sure, after the storm, go out (carefully) and play in the snow. Until the storm is over though, we recommend staying put.
  2. Get cozy! During the storm is the easiest part. Grab a blanket, chill out and watch the snow fall.


  1. Check for damages – Check for home damages in and outside of the home.
  2. Insurance – Are there damages? That is what insurance is for. Contact the insurance company, provide information and photos.
  3. Stay put – Insurance will handle it from here! Wait for them to call or visit you and go from there.

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